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Getting started on choosing a new storage array

Choosing the right enterprise storage array requires navigating a series of choices -- block or file, disk or flash, monolithic or clustered, virtualized or not -- and then matching those requirements with the vendors and productgs who best match your needs for capacity, cost, and support. This gives you tools and information to make it a smarter process.

How To Buy

What you need to know before buying BI analytics tools

BI analytics tools can be roughly divided into three categories: Reporting tools generate report-type information in an electronic format that typically supports finance-associated organizational planning, budgeting and performance management processes. These tools range in sophistication from simple report generators such ...

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Top three tips for selecting a disaster recovery as a service provider

If your organization is looking for a way to deal with its disaster recovery process without the expense of staff and technology resources, it may be time to consider disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). Today, with advances in technology, ...

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Top projects for 2015

We asked 2,012 IT managers to select the projects they are deploying in 2015. Once again, disaster recovery was at — or near the top — of most people’s list, a steady theme since the early 2000s. The top projects ...

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