Storage for Virtual Environments

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  • Is flash storage for you?

    Driven by favorable memory prices, solid-state storage has taken off in recent years. Nearly half of all storage purchases include some form of flash storage, but there are many ways to get the speed of SSD. This guide helps you sort out the options in form factors, vendors, products and applications. Continue Reading

  • Is hyper-converged storage for you?

    Hyper-converged storage aims to solve the many integration issues that can plague a data center trying to connect highly virtualized servers to networked storage. VDI users have taken a shine to it, but it's not for everybody and for every situation. Continue Reading

  • How the hyperconverged infrastructure market stacks up

    There are a number of solid options for shops looking to reap the advantages of a hyperconverged infrastructure product. Here’s how the current market leaders compare. Continue Reading

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