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Looking for the most relevant info to advance your evaluation of IT products? We’ve brought together our best content on products, features, functions and price, as well as negotiating the best deal.

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Project Reports

A great way to successfully execute a project you’re working on is to see what others have done. In this section you can view information on what your peers did, how they did it – plus, what to do and what not to do. Don’t forget to return the favor by submitting a project you’ve worked in through the community Project Report submittal form.

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Research Insights

Want to know what companies like yours are saying? Check this section out to get the facts and figures from our ongoing survey research on how, what and why IT managers are buying enterprise technology.

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Expert Advice

Want to hear from experts about a particular product, process or trend? See what IT experts have to say on the evaluation and purchase of IT products in articles, past and live webinars, and exclusive videos.

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Product Reviews

Want to know what products are the best? Check out this section to get the hard facts from actual IT managers on how products rate (with an actual score) and the why’s behind the ratings.

  • PowerPath

    Solutions: EMC - User of EMC's multipathing product gives it high marks but says your mileage may vary on the value front. Check out this review and add your rating! Read Review

  • DCX 8510

    Solutions: Brocade - This Brocade SAN switch racks up top marks. Check out this review and add your rating! Read Review

  • EMC VMAX (20K)

    Solutions: EMC - EMC's flagship enterprise array costs a lot but meets expectations. Check out this review and add your rating! Read Review

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