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What is IT Solutions Advisor?

The number one goal of the IT Solutions Advisor Community is to provide IT professionals with peer generated information throughout all phases of an IT project, particularly evaluation and purchase. The ITSA Community also provides exclusive access to experts who want to help you navigate these waters — specifically for those who have faced similar challenges and are working in the same project scopes. Moreover, the IT Solutions Advisor Community delivers direct access to the latest TechTarget primary research from our vast member network, delivering results on the exact market segments in which you are buying. The exclusive content available in this community – on vendors, their products and services, and advice on how best to buy and implement – is unlike anything you can get on or off the web.

The ITSA Community allows IT professionals to learn from one another based on experience, expertise, first-hand research and unbiased feedback in a private community. Whether you’re looking for advice in the planning or execution stages of an IT initiative, seeking guidance from peers who have faced the same complex problems as you, or wanting to connect with experienced experts, the IT Solutions Advisor Community is the right place to find the exclusive information you need.

How do I log into the IT Solutions Advisor Community?

To start, visit www.ITSolutionAdvisor.com.

Click on “LOGIN” in the upper right corner of the webpage. If this is your first time logging in, use the temporary password we sent to you.

How does someone register if they’re not currently a member?

If you’d like to refer someone, please have them register. The can do this by clicking “LOGIN” in the upper right corner of the homepage. Then on the right hand side of the page they’ll see “Not a Member” where they can follow instructions on how to apply.

How do I edit my profile?

Edit your profile by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner once you’ve logged in. Then you will see how to change your profile information.

How do I change my password?

To change your password simply go to your profile (See “How do I edit my profile?” in this FAQ to find your profile page) and then scroll down until you see “New Password”. You will then see instructions on how to change it.

I’m having technical issues. How can I report my problem(s)?

For technical issues with the site click here.

I have a non-technical question for the IT Solutions Advisor Community team. Who do I contact?

Submit your non-technical issues or inquiries here.

What’s in it for me? 

Included in this member invite only community (which, by the way, doesn’t include vendors!) are the opportunities to:

    • Hear experts in live webinars share their knowledge on topics such as networking, cloud computing, security, etc.
    • Learn about overcoming IT related issues that you might have run into
    • Read peer generated market research

The IT Solutions Advisor Community team is driven to providing information on evaluating and purchasing IT products and services. If you want to see any particular content, send an email to editor@itsolutionsadvisor.com to let us know.

What’s in it for TechTarget and its partners?

When you complete Project Reports, Product Reviews etc., TechTarget and its partners better understand your needs. While TechTarget will not provide your personal information e.g. email address and name to its partners, TechTarget might share such information as the projects your company is planning to or has already worked on. This will help them have a more intelligent conversation with your organization and better provide for your needs, rather than taking a guess at what you need.

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